THE best rythm game I have ever played

User Rating: 8 | DJ Hero X360
I bought Dj hero on slae, at sams club for 25$, I wash shoked at how low the price was, my brother to;d me I wouldn't like it, but I still though it looked cool. I brought it home, played the tutorial, and.... I suked. But I dind't give up, and now i've mastered the game. i ask my brother why he dosen't play it, and he says because it's too easy, or he dosen't like it, or something like that, but I think hes just intimidated by how good I am.
The music in the game is in a word: AWSOME!!!! Normaly I hate Eminme or jAy-z, but hearing them mixed with other great songs just sounds amazing. Every song on this game is awsome and you will play them all multiple times.
The gameplay is hard and somewhat confusing at first, but you get used to it.
It's like guitar hero, just press the butons at the right time, but there's also scratching and sliding to take into acount. I would explain those but I like to keep my reviews short.
The graphics are like all the other "(insert instrument here) hero" games: Nothing special, they don't show off what the full cpabilities of the console, but you're not really focoused on them anyway.
Also if you get siezers, DO NOT play this game, therea re lots of flashing, blinking ect. neon collered lights that don't stop, and it looks really cool, but it could give someone a seizure.
So overal Dj hero is and awsome rythm game that i wished more people had played.
Also they mix M.c Hammer with vainila ice, and Hearing THAT is worth the puchace of this game ALONE.