Simply an amazing action RPG.

User Rating: 10 | Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga PC
Wow, what can I say?
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, is an amazing RPG and believe me I have played many different kind of RPG games. The game just keeps me wanting more and more.
The graphics may not be at a high-end like Two Worlds II, but it is still wonderful.
The weapons are great and you can enhance them with lots of available gems.
You can be what you want without any restrictions, so you can shoot arrows, fight your enemies with swords, maces or axes, or you can choose magic or just combine each of these technique as you like. There are a lots of quests and side quests to your pleasure which keeps you in the games for hours and hours.
The music is just epic, the effects are wonderful and the atmosphere is just great.
This is one of those games that you wanna keep playing forever!
There are lots of friends & foes with lots of monsters to fight, strong guardians and a lot of places and secrets to explore. there are plenty of chests and stuff to take and use with lots of surprises that just astonish you. The voices in this game add a lot to the game's total atmosphere. The fighting itself is just plain fun and enjoyable. It is not too hard but not an easy task too. The maps are huge so you can expect to explore the world for hours but with a lot of fun. The game runs smooth without any problems. At start i was not sure this game is good enough but the moment the game introduced me with the "Mind reading" ability, i knew this game is a true gem.
This ability is great and very usable - be aware it cost you with experience points (xp) but its worth every penny...

Last but not least:
The ability to travel & fight as a Dragon!
This basic idea turned out to be very enjoyable,
and very challenging and it gives the hero a more sophisticated side.

To conclude:
Graphics: 9
Music, Voices & Effects: 10
Playable Time: 10
Creativity: 10