A good game that fans of Disgaea will love, but short and sometimes boring.

User Rating: 8.5 | Disgaea Infinite PSP
I am a HUGE Disgaea fan, so I couldent wait for Disgaea Infinite. After playing the game, I have to say that fans will love it, but others who are not familiar to the series or are not a big fan of interactive novels, may have trouble liking this game.

The story follows a Prinny (The Prinnys are Penguin like creatures in Disgaea that contain the souls of people who have commited many crimes in there life, and they must work in the netherworld until they get enough money to pay for all there sins and can reincarnate and try to have a better life) working in the castle of Overlord Laharl. The Prinnys boss, Etna, has ordered a rare pudding to eat. Laharl overhears this, and makes the Prinnys search for the pudding. While looking, the Prinny finds a magic pocket named Tick-Tock that can take him back in time. Almost immediatly after that, there is an explosion in Laharls room, and Laharl thinks he was almost assassinated. He then blames the Prinnys and decides they will never be paid again. The main Prinny furious, Accidentally send himself back in time, and then he decides to change the past, and prevent Laharls attempted assassination.

The gameplay is different from your normal interactive novel. Tick-Tock allows Prinny's Soul to "possess" people. In other words, allow you to see through their eyes. Staying pocssessed to someone will take you to where that person was next. Sometimes an option will appear at the top of the screen that will say "Mind Control". If you press the triangle when this option appears, you will be givin three choices. Choosing one of these choices will decide what happens next and you will be givin a funny sprite-based cutscene in the style of the Disgaea battles from the regular games. Also, like any other interactive novel, every choice you make, decides what will happen next. You will see and interact with many characters from the first game and even Mao and Raspbeyrl from the third game. Also, if you pick just the right choices, you can delay Laharls attempted assassination to later hours, and still stop it, allowing you to interact with the characters more and see more funny events.

While graphics arent that important, I have to say that these graphics arent that bad. The game has the same styled graphics as the first games, which will please a lot of long time fans.

The Music is very nice. There are several tunes from different Disgaea games (mainly the first game), and they fit all the Humorous cutscenes and characters. The voice actors for the characters fit each character spot on.

One of my only complaints about the game is that the game should have been longer, and that there are no Disgaea 2 characters that are part of the main storyline. This will displease some fans seeing that Adell and Rozalin from Disgaea 2 are popular characters.

A nice, funny story with multiple endings that has that classic Disgaea feel.

Very simple, easy gameplay that anyone can do.

The same graphics from Disgaea 1, which will please fans of the original game.

The voice acting is good, and the music is nice

This is a game that was made for the fans. Its a nice concept and different from your average interactive novel, but it can get old replaying the same cutscenes just to get to a new cutscene. Fans will love it, but if your not that big into the series, you might want to try it out first before you buy it.