WRC fan

User Rating: 9 | DiRT 2 X360
So i have been following this series of games as far as Colin McRae rally on the ps1 and i have to say it has come along way since then. Dirt absolutely blew me away when it dropped awhile back and Dirt2 has me just as excited. The game seems more Americanized focusing on big rally cross events like X games and typical American cars which is a good change of pace. I am already missing the Celica GT FOUR and Lancia Delta seems these classic cars got left out and now replaced with the 350z or Solstice they just seem outta place. One thing i would have liked to see in Dirt2 would be some ice and snow events to further add to the many drivable surfaces that this game has to offer, oh yea bring back the cross over! The game lacks the WRC feel to me but has made this one even more fun online then the last, i would recommend it to anyone.