The original was better...WAY better.

User Rating: 7.2 | Diddy Kong Racing DS DS
I bought the original back in '97. I adamently looked forward to it two months prior to Christmas that year. I played it to death when I rented it, and then once I got it, then my obsession just got worse. The game was amazing. I had Mario Kart 64, but I loved DKR so much more.

And so, it is with a heavy heart that I must confess that DKR DS is crap. It is. The touch screen stuff is downright retarded (with the exception of the balloon gathering carpet ride thing...that's cool). The graphics look worse than the N64 version. The music is still the same, though the quality seems a little poorer. idk... At the time I'm writing this, I've played the game for about two hours. I'm not impressed. It really hurts to see a game that I treasured as a kid so incredibly destroyed. It looks like DKR, but doesn't play like it should. What the heck is with the speed sensation? It's non-existant! It's like you're taking a Sunday stroll through the courses.

Okay, so my one point: I don't like this all. They ruined DKR. You're better off unearthing your N64 and doin some old school gaming on the old school system itself. If you crave a kart racing game, get MK DS. If you already own MK DS and crave a kart racing game, go find your MK DS cartridge and play it. Trust me, you'll thank yourself profusely for what you're saving yourself from. :(

...such a shame T.T