let me tell you why this games isnt as horrible as everyone have been telling you ...

User Rating: 8.4 | Deus Ex: Invisible War PC
back in 03 when i first bought this game i used to have a very poor graphics adaptor, i then failed to even start the game ...... and to be frank i didnt even bother trying playing the game ever again ..

i never been a fan of any RPG, but as i got the 1.2 patch which by the way completely convert the game from a complete mess into something realy good, i decided to give it a shot and play Invisible War.

to tell the truth this game deserves alot giving that this game has many assets on which lets say Escape from Butcher's Bay were based on, and those are very good qualities.

after apply the patch you find a great increase in game performance and better visuals, the patch successfully eliminated many faults were in the game like the mouse lagginess and the confusion i used to have while browsing the inventory, press enter or tab or right click you always use the wrong key.

anyways i should just conclude here and just say, this game is really is a classic you must have and i guess it should be really cheap by now, bad thing Ion Storm is no more or we might had seen a triolgy.