Brilliant story, true to the original.

User Rating: 10 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
Deus Ex Apparatus (God out of Machine)

Wow where do I begin with this amazing title. First let me say this is my favourite game this gen. Eidos Montreal gathered the finest writers (Mary DeMarle, and James Swallow) their side of the equator to bring us a story rich in conspiracy, and true to the Deus Ex franchise.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has many influences; Cyberpunk from Blade Runner, intellectual concepts from philosopher Michel Foucault, and conspiracy theories ranging from The Illuminati, Area 51 and the Knights of Templar.

The Illuminati a word meaning enlightened are actually supposed to be an ancient group of satanists. Most people think of the Bavarian Illuminati a group formed in May 1, 1776 as a secret society that controlled the Bavarian government from behind the throne.

Area 51 is a test sight for experimental air craft. There is how ever a lot of people who believe that it is where USA testing on Aliens from Roswell go on.

Knights of Templar a short name for the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon were supposed to be a sacred order of Christians during the Crusades official sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church. How ever they went rogue against the crown and began committing what we would call war crimes. No one knows what happened to them though there are a lot of theories.

Michel Foucault was a French Philosopher who lived 1926 to 1984.

Foucault used the term apparatus (Deus Ex Apparatus is where the games name comes from) for the various institutional, physical and administrative mechanisms and knowledge structures, which enhance and maintain the exercise of power within the social body.

In Deus Ex series as in most Cyberpunk stories, the storyline reflects the real-world troubles such as politics, nature, the mindset about ones self, and the future of the human race. For an example UNATCO is reminiscent of the Patriot Act taking away your rights, to protect them."Nihil aliud scit necessitas quam vincere","Necessity knows nothing else but victory", UNATCO Motto. Deus Ex Human Revolution is a prequel to the hit game and shows us what happened in the events leading up to UNATCO's founding.

In the game you have been Augmented something that many people are against due to moral or religious reasons. The company you work for is attacked under mysterious circumstances and your job is to find out who is responsible. I like to write spoiler free reviews so I will leave the story there.

Graphics, Immersion,& Sound

Graphically this game is superb, bringing us environments that look like they are believe able cyberpunk cities to be. Each city hub contains its ownarcitectual designin full openworld glory.Its sandbox dynamic goes far beyond anything GTA has achieved in the same genre.

They did an amazing job at giving you immersion into the world, you can read newspapers, watch the news, read ebooks, read PC's, listen in on peopleenemies conversations, and more.

The cast of voices is made up from a wide variety of people so every person in the game is unique. The music is electronic for the most part to set the mood for the cyber scene and fits in with the ambient noises that change each time you pass through an area.

An amazing feature I have never heard about before is the special NPC conversations that are different each time you play the game. It doesn't matter if you chose the same options in your next play-through, the dialogue will be different based on a random mindset for the character you are talking to.

AI & Gameplay

The AI on easy is pretty dumbed down but on Hard the enemy will outflank you and bring you down with one or two shots! To beat them you have customisable guns, and Augs. Augs are upgrades for your body, faster reflexes, see through walls, and others that you can mix up to make your own character.

You can play the game guns blazing (90% of the characters are kill-able) though I'd suggest you try on easy. You could try talking your way around a situation, stealth, or even hack a PC and turn the enemies robots (think of the bots at the end of Terminator 3) and turrets against them!

To Sum Up

I highly recommend this game 10/10.

The good: Everything above, and loading times have been fixed with a patch.

The Bad: Waiting for the next one.