Prequel to the original that keeps many of the great aspects intact. But has issues that bother me politically

User Rating: 8 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
I am a big fan of the Deus Ex games especially the first. Deus Ex is a prequel in the series that keeps many of the aspects I loved about the first games. The gameplay of Deus Ex feels so much like the originals and that is a plus for me. The combat and stealth feel smooth , the cover system takes a little getting used to, but after the learning curve it ends up being one of best cover systems I have seen on a game thus far. There is one issue that I had with the gameplay is the amount of ammo. I am a person who likes to use stealth up until I get caught than I go out guns blazing. The issue there however is there is not a lot of ammo. The first Deus Ex's had plenty of ammo so it did not bother me, but the low amount of ammo hurts the flow of the game a bit.
The story of Deus Ex is well made, but with a couple of issues that annoy me (I will get to them after explaining the story. You are Adam Jensen, who is an ex SWAT that is on duty to protect the facility that makes augmentations or mechanical body parts that are used in place of the real body parts. Adams girl friend works for the company and one night the facility is attack by a group of terrorists that kill your girl friend and almost kill you. The rest of the game you are trying to find out why the attack took place and in the mean time there is a group of human purists that are against augmentation who are connected with these terrorists in some way. The story is told well and runs a good pace that feels fitting to the gameplay. Through the game you affect what happens in the story by your actions and conversations (that are done in a cool minigame that is unique). There are a couple of issues that bother me on the games story, for one why is corporations the bad guys in the story, this was also done in the first two, but not to this extent. In reality corporations help the people and the economy when they make more money. Another part of the story that bothers me is the constant mention of global warming and how it is hurt the environment, really. I can tell that this game was made by a bunch of socialist liberals trying to brainwash the younger generation, which I am part of, but I am not gaulible. For the people reading this who did not stop because of their gaulibleness to the liberals, I am not a Republican. In fact I am a Libertarian and am warning younger people to see the facts.
Now that that is over I am going to say that the game has gameplay that caters to the players of the original Deus Ex games and is fun to play. The story is overall told well, but has liberal lies to brainwash people.