Deus Ex Human Revolution is a great game, the perfect combination of RPG and FPS. Engrossing and atmospheric!

User Rating: 9 | Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3
I didnt play the original Deus Ex, so I came into this game with absolutely no idea what to expect. After following it for months and reading the many great reviews, I bought it and have never regreted it for a second.

Gameplay: Simply put, an absolute blast. Using your newly upgraded augments is very rewarding as it is entirely up to you which ones you select. Gameplay is divided between assigned missions and 'hub' cities that let you take on side quests, upgrade weapons ect. The side missions and main missions are very dense and full of player choice. Guns blazing? Stealth? Social? Combination of all? All these approaches are available and more. Voice acting is great, animations, particularly takedowns, are very well done as well.

Graphics: The visuals are great. Not the best ever seen, but certainly good. The art direction is phenomenol, with lots of neon lightling and shadows and a gold and black centered coler pallet. Each location feels well designed and tangible. Charecter models are mostly OK, but some npc's look a bit rough. Weapons and augments look great, and Jenson in particular looks great.

Main Story: Well written conspiracy thriller, centered around humanity and its acceptence of new augmentations which allow people to modify their bodies with cybernetics and implants, making them stronger, faster, smarter and beyond human. It poses many questions of morality and transcendence, and is well fleshed out. I wont spoil it, it should be experienced.

Lasting Appeal: This game will take about 25-35 hours to get to the credits, maybe even more if you want it to. The game demands multiple playthroughs in order to use new augmentations, make different desisions in the story and to play the game differently. There is a suprising amount of flexibility to Deus Ex 3, and the game never ceases to be engaging, addictive, atmospheric and completely engrossing.

Bottom Line: Dont wait, pick it up!!! It does not dissapoint!!!