Deadpool's humor makes the game what it is. Without it this would just be another action game.

User Rating: 8 | Deadpool X360
I wasn't expecting a 10/10 game. I was expecting a fun game with the hilarious Deadpool. The only thing I could find wrong with it were the fighting mechanics and the camera. But those flaws don't occur often. The game offers little challenge. But other than that, this is a fun game.
If you want an enjoyable game this is a good pick. I played this game laughing the whole way through. I enjoyed the over-the-top crude humor of Deadpool. The merc with the mouth always has something to say.
This is one of the best Marvel games out there. It is different than most superhero games. Unlike most Marvel games this one is mature and Deadpool doesn't act like the stereotypical superhero. This is my favorite Marvel game to date because of the originality of the game and the humor of Deadpool.