User Rating: 6.5 | Deadpool X360
I really like DP as a character. I find that he and I have a lot in common. We both have multiple personalities that like to have conversations with each other in our heads. We both love the ladies and the ladies certainly love us and we both like to kill. Well… he kills people; I just kill it with my ridiculously good looks.

Okay… okay… time to get serious. I was a big fan of Wolverines third person action hack and slash style game.

So I was looking forward to DP's own game. While DP's game play is not up to par compared to Wolverine's… everything else exceeds it in its own way. The game play is playable and not as broken as reviewers are saying it is but don't take that out of context. It is still a bit messy and crazy. There is an auto lock for shooting which makes shooting a lot simpler then has been said in other reviews. You just can't touch the Right Stick or you jump off the locked on target. When locked on to a target the camera zooms in and you lose sight of everything around you. That's a big deal considering DP's health drains fast when being attacked by loads of enemies. The H&S part is decent. You can upgrade and unlock more and more combos and special moves to keep things fresh but again the camera is the biggest issue in combat.

Where DP is awesome is in the humor department. I have never giggled this much playing a game. Okay… maybe Borderlands and BL 2 have had me laugh this much but there is just something about DP. I love that he is aware he is in a game. He yells at you throughout it because he worries about the budget of the game. :lol: The humor alone makes the game worth playing. Of course… if you are a: whiny; politically correct douche bag; who likes world peace then do not play this game or even read my review. JUST GO AWAY! I kid, I kid!

Here is the deal with this game… If you like funny stuff and you like super heroes who mock super heroes then this is a game to play. I'd get it when it drops to $20 and it will even be more enjoyable for you.