A quality game with a lot of realism and even a Indiana Jones moment. Just a little too much to carry would you say?

I never could imagine being there at the D-Day landing, but that beginning mission was pretty dam close. It was a headache, I had to take an Ibruphen after that! Still, how many more troops where there at that day. It was a little bit of the event, but somehow it felt not as violent.

As always EA give you the best graphics and there was not one floor anywhere in the whole game. There is a perfection and the sadness of the music goes great with the era.

As Commander Patterson there are a fair few missions to go through, but not enough in my opinion. There are some good missions know. I do love using the sniper rifle and assassinating all those German's. That is a quality bit of gameplay in itself.

At one point in the game I felt like Indian Jones on a rollercoaster track blowing up Germans left and right. That was fun and quick. At some points in the game I felt so stuck, that I stuck on the invincible cheat just to explore and find out where I was being shot from and where to go next while being blasted to bits. I did however have to replay the mission again to do it right with no cheats and it certainly helped knowing where all the enemies are coming from.

Medal of Honor never made me feel happy that is for sure! But the entertainment value was off the chart along with the graphics and music. The only real niggle I have with the game is to do with how much weaponry you can carry. It is ridiculous to think that you can carry so much. It was almost so realistic and then you have this floor. But to say this is not a quality game would also be wrong.