Dead Island is a game that combines somewhat survival horror elements with an interesting Role Playing mechanic.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead Island PC
So this is Dead Island a game which i have been waiting for since the 07 and it was unexpected how it turned out since i thought this was going to be a horror game considering it had zombies and the screens from 2006 cleared that too but it mixed fun zombie slaying gameplay with ROLE PLAYING and it didn't turn out so bad,zombie slaying is fun and you feel like you are cutting through a zombie's limb in a fulfilling way and there is a large open world experience considering you accept quests from people around the island,there is also a large skill tree because you do a lot of stuff throughout this somewhat VERY long game.

Now most of the side-quests are interesting however there a lot of fetch quests ecpecially at the start of the game which is undeniably annoying but over time you get to play some fun side-quests and there are a lot of those but you can just skip over them and continue through the story or you can complete them and get a powerful weapon,exp or inventory items which you can then use to create weapons IF you have the blueprints for them which are either awarded from side-quests of scattered around the enviroment but you can only create them at Workbenches considering you have the ingredients to make them,you can also upgrade weapons with money(around the island)which can be upgraded through five levels but to do that you have to repair the weapons.

Now when this game came out it had lots of bugs...LOTS OF THEM,first you couldn't save then online glitches and graphical issues but thankfully they are all fixed by now due to the latest update unfourtounatly the characters look very bad and some graphics look dull but the island is beautiful and the zombies make you feel like this paradise has gone to hell.

The characters have no back story and they feel dull even though the outbreak should give you a sense of what they feel like before and after BUT IT DOESN'T!!!!!

The game focuses on multiplayer with jump in-jump out co-op
the quests that only affect the other players in you're party are the main quests however everyone else in the party has his own side-quests which is reasonable enough to balance the experience.

Well Dead Island is a different and fun zombie game though it does have it's flaws it is a very playable and unique experience
so i would recommend it if you are looking for a zombie RPG that hasn't happened yet.