A classic RPG fan? This game is probably not for you.

User Rating: 4 | Dead Island PC

It's hard for me to understand what others enjoy about this game. I purchased it on sale for $12, and to be honest, I only played it for two hours. That's the maximum amount of time I could tolerate playing it. I decided to write this review so that, if you have a similar taste in video games, I can save you some money.

You're on an island and some zombies appear. Random people give you some very generic missions. All missions involve going some place and killing some zombies on the way, by smashing their heads with whatever weapon you find on your way.

If you ever find a nice weapon, then the bad news is that it doesn't matter because the weapons lose their power after you kill a few zombies with them. And if you die, it also doesn't matter, because you'll just re-spawn and continue from where you left off as if nothing happened.

There's no real story, no believable characters, a stupid script, mediocre voice acting, and no immersion whatsoever. There's a levelling system, but from the couple of hours I spent playing this, it doesn't seem to be interesting or rewarding.

The graphics are just ok. The island is pretty enough, but the texture resolution is low and the level of detail is underwhelming.

This is not an RPG in the same category as the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Fallout, Risen, or The Witcher. The gameplay and story here are very shallow and all the focus is on the action.

Basically, the game is just mindless zombie killing. If you find that fun (and evidently, many people do), then this game is for you. Otherwise, don't waste your time and money.