Given how much I was looking forward to this game, it exceeded my expectations and is a blast to play.

User Rating: 8.5 | Dead Island (Platinum Hits) X360
Those gamers who will enjoy this game are the same type of people that can go see Thor or Captain America and not walk out complaining the dialogue or plot was not on par with The Godfather.

What a great experience so far. I've made it through about 3 hours of game play and still laugh out loud every time I can either cut off an arm or smash a head with a hammer.

This game is exactly what I was looking for - the intense melee combat forces you to get intimate with the zombies and you can't help but get wrapped into the chaos of the island. The most satisfying of fights is when you can take down a group of 3 or more zombies using skills, rather then constant pausing and positioning your "group" to take them down (token dig on DA2). This isn't hack and slash, but very skilled based. You have to learn to use your weapons to maximize damage, aim at the right body part and effectively use your stamina.

The graphics are great, the use of lighting in dark rooms - one of my fav so far is the bright soda machine in the Life Guard tower - is awesome.

Outside of the amazing melee combat, the other A+ feature is the sound. Once you get into this game, which shouldn't take long, every time you hear that low growl, or shriek, the hair will stand on the back of your neck and your heart will jump.

Great immersive game and highly recommended.