Darwinia is the game i fell in love with...

User Rating: 9.9 | Darwinia PC
what a great aftermath to my last review! (Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play) The tears have dried up. and i found the perfect game: Darwinia!

Gameplay: The controls are a bit harder to adapt, This game apologizes with good everything else. The plot of Darwinia is great! As you go through the levels, you actually learn about Darwinian culture, beliefs, and life. Inovative! eventually, i cared a lot about these guys, whenever one died: NOOOO poor guy! Fantastic A.I. includes
-Darwinians scream and cower in fear at an enemy
-Darwinians create kites to honor dead darwinians
-Darwinians can follow commands given by officers

Sound: Impressive soundtrack make me happy! other sounds are cat "meow"ing. but i dont hear a winde variety of music or sound...

Graphics: Innovative old-school!

value: a 20$ game thats GREAT! Sure, ill take it