The demo did no justice to this game. Hopefully the bad reviews are not because of that.

User Rating: 9 | Dark Void X360
After playing the demo I was disappointed. The demo was of one of the more difficult areas of the game. The demo was of a part where you had to fly with the jet pack and shoot down some airships. That is actually my one main criticism, the jet pack is often times hard to fly with, at least to fly and shoot down things at the same time. The controls for flying in combat are a little stiff and can make things rather difficult. I have found that the best way to shoot things is down is actually by boarding the airship and flying that around (which the instruction manual suggests anyways).

Other than the rugged controls for air combat the rest of the game is great. Considering that most of the game is not fought in the air the bad controls for the jet pack don't ruin the game. There is a great story that runs through the game. In an of itself, it is a great shooter game. Shooting wise, the game is basic, but basic is good; having too many elements in a shooter can make it too much. The option to melee the enemy adds good variety to the game. The graphics are above average and the world that you play the game in is well designed.

I would recommend this game. Good story, great shooter, fun elements with the flying and cliff hanging. Overall fun and unique from the other good games.