Battlefield, A Must Have!

Lets get right to the point, the campaign is just plain solid, it deserves a 7.5, that would be a good campaign, meaning that has some problems here and there, and just like gamespot said, the only problem it had was that enemies respawn right on top of you. other than that, everyone should have fun blowing enemies up to the sky, with different guns.

Its not the campaign that will keep you busy in the game, is the online, the game allows players to use 5 different class of soldiers, all with different guns and abilities. With only 10+ maps and only 2 game modes, anyone would say they will get tired pretty soon, but you are wrong, the ranking system, and the ability to check every single stat, going from how many deaths you have, to your kill/death ratio, it's a pretty cool ranking system where you can actually show off your skills and prove that you are the best, the game is completelly lag free, if you see that everything starts to move slowly, is only one person's fault, and that person is going to lag out soon, but nothing that can affect the game you are playing. Overall the online is lots of funs, and me, been a Socom fan, I can proudly say that this game is way better both offline and online than Socom CA.