This game is fun!!

User Rating: 7.8 | Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 PS2
I was playing this game with the dance mat thingys at a party I was at like 3 hours ago and I played that for pretty much the whole party.It's a really fun game and it's good for a work out.This game will have you sweating and breathless in a little while of playing.But don't worry,it's a really fun game and it's a good challenge.It features quite allot of charactors you can play as or you can shut off your charactor.I'm not sure if you can play this game with your controller but I think you can and I really want to get to mats and the game because this game is really fun.Even though I suck at it but who cares. I reccommend this game for anyone who has played something like this before.But if you haven't see if you can rent/test or borrow it first!! Awesome game!! I give the value a 1 because I don't know how much this game/mats costs.