Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 is a great place to start your DDR addiction!

User Rating: 9.1 | Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 PS2
I've known DDR for a long time, actually when started the "boom" in 98, but I actually never got the chance to buy the game and dance mat, only played in the arcades once or twice. Now I got this latest version of the game and what can I say? I'm addicted! This game is pretty simple to play, although you should read the manual before playing (specially the insert about how to take care of your dance mat), you can just go ahead with no worries and start "dancing".

The soft controller is pretty neat and if you got the one that come with the game, it is Konami's so it is going to last more than third parties. I bought a Red Octane's Ignition Pad but it's not even one week and I've already got problems with it. So, take good care of your Konami's pad and who knows, if you feel like DDR is the game for you, you might even get something more expensive like a Cobalt Flux, the best metal pad out there.

Talking again about the game, you have many different ways to enjoy it. You have the Dance Master Mode, where you go to a sort of quests by playing all the songs in a course. You have the Free Mode, in which you can just select a song an its difficulty. The more you play the game and advance through the Dance Master and Free Modes, the more songs you unlock. There is also a really good mode, the Workout Mode, where you will set goals for you to lose calories while dancing! The game offers a great selection of songs that are really addictive, although some of the most known there are quite old like "I'll Survive" or "Against All Odds", but it counts with DDR's old "Boom Boom Dollar" and other songs by Naoki.

My conclusion is that this game is a great start for those who never played any DDR games and always wondered if they could ever pass those songs! All you need is practice, practice and stay away from the center of that pad!