Crysis 2 blows away all other FPS.

User Rating: 9.5 | Crysis 2 X360
Gamespot's review of this game couldn't be more wrong. The AI is incredible. In fact, it's a llittle *too* good. The reviewer probably didn't realize he was cloaked. When you are cloaked, you are invisible. It adds a strategic element to this game which makes it so great. The AI doesn't see you, and its up to you how you want to attack them. When you are not cloaked - you are attacked from everywhere. It's impossible to just walk by an enemy uncloaked. Whoever reviewed this game forgot he was cloaked.

They also say the AI misses you in a fog level, well that was the point of the whole level. You are in fog, you can't be seen easily. At this point in the game, you are introdcued to the nano-vision. Kind of like Xray vision, since you are in fog and you can't see, you can see with your nanovision on. And the AI has trouble seeing you, since you are in thick fog. Hard to believe the Gamespot reviewer totally missed this aspect.

Once you are un combat, you can enable maximum armor. Which protects you from bullets but cannot be completley relied on since it wears down fast. Combat in completley up to you, do you want to remain invisible while devising a strategy? Keep a good distance and take them down one by one with nanovision? Or just go right into the fight and turn on maximum armor?
All of them come into use during the game, very few FPS require you to sit back and devise a strategy for combat, Crysis 2 excels in this. Patience is key, and dying is more frustrating then ever.

The only part of the review that is right is that it takes a little while for the game to get going. At first, you really do wonder what's so great about it, but keep playing, you'll see. Don't listen to the review about the AI, he was completley wrong. AI is incredible.