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    Bioware usually kills the previous story and starts new! like Dragon Age! they changed everything, all of the Dragon Age Origin characters were gone or changed so much, I couldn't really feel it as Dr...

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    Sad to hear Gears 4 story is shallow :( since cliff bleszinski left the team this game changed! missed those great moments in this franchise.

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    I always wanted a fantasy total war! must be great!

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    They are against anything that unite people together and happiness!

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    Good to hear from you friend, missed to read your great blogs, tomorrow is our new year, happy Nouwruz, all love :)
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    Game Spot is not covering ios and android games? why? they are growing so fast! vulkan, s7, in 2018 they can be as strong as xboxO...
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    GS is not the place it used to be. I stop by once in awhile no longer every day and not always once a week anymore
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    Can't Wait! I love Mass Effect series and Bioware!

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    I was checking my friends in GS after couple of years! seeing their user names! their blogs... oh man i missed them all, such a go...
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    Remember Me Is amazing Game don't miss it!
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    Remember Me is a good game! not awfully bad not supper good! love the environment there!
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    barely check GS these days!!
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    So.Halo needs to die because...YOU are tired of hearing about it? Who the **** are you? If you don't like hearing about one of the strongest and best franchises in gaming history, maybe you should pi...

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