K my last review got booted by gamespot. But like b4 this game is POINTLESS. I wrote this to help not offend anyone.

This game is pointless and waste of time and money. Also dont see how gamepot can say a game is a waste of time but the users cant. I dont use bad language. Why have a option that a game is a waste of time maybe because they payed u or play all day yourself. All im saying is that with no story provided, not much grouping, generic quest all the way through the game im still killing 15 mobs for no reason, all im doing is spending months maybe years on a character with no other benefits but to say im lvl 70 like everyone else. Good gameplay but it doesnt have a point besides get to max lvl. And that would be ok if maybe u grouped more but still with no story what so ever it and soloing mostly what the point. kill 1,000,000 mobs mostly by myself for months even years to only get to max level with no story. There are mmos with a point besiden just getting to max level by yourself. That your not stuck paying month after month. And your character has a story and purpose. Well i had a real review but i guess i dont have that now. Great gameplay, large scale, but when u really get in depth with your character and his story it has no point. Because when u get to max level thats it beside needing other ppl to help you get armor who wont let u join cause ur current armor aint stronger enough to join them. One day ppl will see how this game is set to take ur money and life and just keep u grinding for no reason. WoW even boo hoos when u cancel ur account. They wont miss u just ur money. If really cared about its fan it would have a lifetime by now.

Please especially new comers to mmos read what the guys who gave it low scores said. There are other great mmos that give u a purpose not just want to u to keep trying to kill stuff for no reason to keep u leveling to get ur money every month. The greatest alternative I found and actually better to me because has a purpose and almost every quest in the game ties in the mainstory line does and there are thousands of quests- has a lifetime subscription and they are not trying to make u a slave.

Believe me I like the game to for a while but then i saw no point other than to lvl and by myself mostly with no other substance that mattered until the end of the game but still that was just to get better armor so when the expansion comes out i can do another kill 15mobs quest with no real story to make it feel like it mattered.

Also, If KOTOR online comes out right I think more ppl will see what there missing is substance u can level and still feel important and that ur getting somewhere all the way through besides just leveling.