Outstanding! One of the best RPG's I have ever played.

At first I wasn't buying this game. I played the demo and thought it was a poor console port. My wife bought me the game when she saw it on an older 'wish-list' of mine. I'm glad she did.


1. The combat system now, although when I first played the game I detested it. Once learned it seemed to be a natural and helped the flow of the game.
2. Graphics. VERY well done, especially the 'maidens'. Very few areas where my game stutters with all settings on high/highest.
3. Outstanding sound and music score. One of the very few games of anyh genre where I have kept the music playing. Normally in any game I have played in the past the music got very repetitive very fast.
4. The game world FEELS lived in. NPC's go about their business of the day and of you stop and listen to some of the conversations its kind of amusing.
5. The storeline is fresh and original. I love D&D, but that universe has a lot of mileage. The one that Witcher takes place has its own rich history that really add to the lived-in feel of the world.
6. Over-all the voice-acting is excellent.

1. Some of the conversations are more frustrating then they should be. There seem to be some missing threads or dialogues.
2. The voices can be annoying with many of the unimportant NPC's.
3. Some of the cut-scenes don't really add to the game.
4. If you want to rest, you should be able to. In houses you need to speak with someone to then select the rest button. That's silly. There are many abandoned houses with fireplaces. I would have liked to have the ability to use or take one over as a base of operations.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of RPG's.