I'm Falling

User Rating: 8.8 | Riot Act X360
I finished this game a while ago and I must've played it for quite a few hours because I don't remember the month of March. Those long falls made my stomach sink. I enjoyed building my character, but why no women? For a sandbox game, I was a little disappointed because the races were not fun, esp. the rooftop races. The bosses were too easy a lot of the time, though if you went to the top city too soon, that was hard. I know the point was to wipe out the gangs, but when a city is devoid of bad guys it's really no fun anymore. Then the only thing keeping me going back is the search for the green and blue markers. As much as I'd like to be able to claim I found them all I am not about to go back and try anymore. I have all but 28 of the green markers and I haven't a clue where the rest are. That about drove me insane. It was super fun, though, and I must recommend it highly.