If you have an imagination you'll love Crackdown

User Rating: 9 | Riot Act X360
As i said in my review deck, people with an imaginative mind will absolutley love crackdown. People without an imagination will hate it.

Because no, it's not realistic, it's not slick and Amazingly detailed. But what it is is a made up world, made up enemies, made up cars and the list goes on

It is set in pacific city. Made up of three islands each with its own gang. But these are'nt any ordinary gangs, there armies!

As an enhanced crime fighting superdude you try to take down each of these gangs in aspecific order.

Although mainly random things can happen in crackdown, The levelling up, the weapons and buildings actually build quite a tactical approach to defeating bossess and enemies.

The game has cel shaded graphics, a quick paced gameplay, strong handling and a lot of fun.

The only let down of crackdown is the plot and story. You really do just take the gangs down whilst working for the agency. The only twist is the ending.

Although some may think that the quick lackluster plot may fit with the fast paced gameplay