WARNING: Do not play this game if you have things to do the same day!

As my deck suggested this game is highly addictive, once you put that controller in your hands it is nearly impossible to set down. Once I played for 3 hours, told myself to stop and didn't end up stopping until 6 hours. Anyway on to the review.

Lets start with bad in this game. First of all you will lose alot of sleep and possibly your job if you don't have self-control. Second; the graphics are average not great, not terrible, just average and there are quite a few loading screens but there not to terribly long and thats about it except for the technical or graphical glitch now and again, but that happens with every game nowadays.

Lets move on to control, Kind of like World of Warcraft or Diablo. You press attack (X) and your character begins his normal attack just swing of the sword or shot of the bow or blast of magic. then you can press circle square or triangle to use a spell, stance, etc. then you can hold R2 and select one of 3 other spells with the same buttons. Looting is also similar to WoW where you press select (X) and you are taken to a screen showing everything the enemy had in his inventory.

Sound. The voice acting in this game is incredible and well scripted. The background music sets the atmosphere really well whether your in a battle or just roaming the city the music will make you feel part of the game. The sound effects are nice and as realistic as you can make the sound of a dragon roaring or magic shooting or a monster screaming.

The story is fascinating and changes with almost every character you create. with so many different origins, let me stop there for a second and explain origins and character creation. When you create a character, which has unlimited possibilities, you choose a class, a race and an origin and the origin determines the story your character follows. there are 6 origins 3 races and 3 classes and it may not sound like much but trust me with a campaign over 40 hours it is. anyway with so many different origins there is hundreds of hours of gameplay in Dragon Age and you would be a fool not get a piece of it.

A few little tid-bits that just add to the games brilliance are the gore, which splatters on your character in a realistic way while you fight and remains there until you rest or go in water. The character personalaties, you can change peoples perspective of you by making choices that appeal to that characters personality. What else can I say about this game, not much other than any fan of rpg's should definatley pick this game up as soon as possible, good luck and goodbye my friends of gamespot.