User Rating: 2.5 | Corvette PS2
Review for Corvette

I purchased this title because of my love for muscle cars. To be honest I did not expect a great deal from this game, but remained reserved and hopeful that it might at least be OK. The graphics are respectable, however the music/sound effects are poor along with the overall game-play (car handles like a wheel barrow with a full load!). The game-play at best is dull and uninspiring. Well Corvette fans would hate corvette after playing this game. Not playing again.

I will not waste too much time writing this review as the title is not worthy of any real effort but wanted to ensure no one else wastes their money on this title, especially when there are much better deserving racers for your money. If you like muscle cars go for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (The best of its kind on PS2) or you could try Activision's TD: Overdrive.