Amazing Game, Certainly doesnt deserve previous bad reviews and its an online game so its going to get better and better

To any star wars fan, this game is the one you have been searching for. The gameplay is just immense, the story is almost never ending, and the possibilities for what you want to do are endless, like creating your own star ships which you can pilot for rebels, imperials or just go freelance, or riding huge beast across huge planets with many cities to explore. I also thought having your very own house was a nice touch as well. The sound is perfect and true to the films and for around 8 pound a month how can you go wrong. I only had one issue with the game when i first got it, that was my graphics card, you cant fully appreciate this game unless you have a decent graphics card, otherwise your left with a glitching game with shoddy graphics and no chance to fully admire the environment that this game offers on high performing systems.