User Rating: 7 | ClayFighter SNES
Clayfighter was a fighting game that came out on the SNES in 1993. It mostly just featured a circus theme and focused on humor in the gameplay. It also featured high quality claymation. The game really isnt that bad. Its worth a play and its actually kind of fun.

The game featured eight crazy characters:

1. Bad Mr. Frosty - A snowman with a bad attitude. His special attacks include throwing snowballs, spitting sharp balls of ice, sliding along the ground and kicking his opponent, and turning into a snow boulder and rolling into his opponent.

2. Blob - A blob of clay. A self-proclaimed master of "goojitsu", his specialty is "morphing" into objects to attack his opponent, with his specialty being transforming into a buzzsaw and cutting his opponent in half.

3. Blue Suede Goo - An Elvis impersonator with wildly exaggerated features, including a big gut and even bigger hair. He throws musical notes at his opponent and used his hair as a blade.

4. Bonker - cheerfully manic clown whose arsenal includes deadly pies, killer cartwheels, and the big hammer that gives him his name.

5. Helga - An obese opera singer and Blue Suede Goo's rival. She attacks by hurling herself at her opponents, stabbing them with the horns on her helmet, and by hitting that high note for a sonic scream.

6. Ickybod Clay - A ghost with a pumpkin head. He can teleport, and throw balls of ectoplasm at foes. His name is a play on Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow.

7. Taffy - A fighting piece of Taffy whose attacks mainly involve stretching far.

8. Tiny - A wrestler type character who doesn't really rely on wrestling. Instead, he uses his big fists to charge across the screen and punch, as well as rolling himself into a ball and flinging himself at foes.

Clayfighter eventually ported onto the Sega Genesis in 1994.