Mario superstar baseball is one of my favorite gamecube games ever! The graphics are good and the gameplay is awesome.

Mario superstar base ball is a great game! It's also very fun. Now it's time for me to rate it.

controls: The controls are very simple. The controls are are pretty much what you would expect of a baseball game. There is nothing special about the controls, they are simple and strait forward. They are a 10/10

gameplay: The gameplay is simple too. It's just like a normal baseball game except there are some special hits, some special shots, and some minigames. The mini games are a lot of fun especially in multiplayer. And the feature of side missions like hit 3 fly balls or make 3 strikeouts was nice but I think the game could have done without it. The bad thing is that the people on the other team your facing catch almost every fly ball you hit. The gameplay is simple and fun. It deserves an 8/10

graphics: The graphics are great. the characters look good and the intro was very well done.

overall mario superstars baseball is a great game, and really fun. ( I did not ad how it compares to the rest of the series because it's not in a series )