This is the best Cabelas game to date... they finally got it right. No more boring reality... just tons of shooting fun!

User Rating: 9 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 (Special Edition) WII
This is the game that those of us who just want good ole fashioned endless shooting dream of.

Cabelas finally got it right. Drop the politically correctness and ethical hunting and allow us just to play a fun as heck shooting game.

This is by far the best shooting game that Cabelas has ever released. If you have been dissappointed by previous Dangerous Hunts this one is sure to please. Plenty of action...

The Gamespot reviewer did not give it its proper dues... this is a mindless shooter's paradise. If you just want to zone out and blast unrealistic numbers of rabid beasts and kill tons of large game with no lecture on ethics then this is it.

Better yet, Cabelas introduces us to the best gun peripheral ever created for wii.. the game plays great with the wii zapper but Cabelas "Top Shot" gun makes the whole experience great complete with pump action reloading.

My only complaint is that the scope sight is difficult to sync and keep accurate. I did think that the red scope that you can use with hunter's sense to filter and see dangers lurking in the tall grass is a cool idea and works well... but after a while I preferred to ignore the scope for good fast paced off the hip style shooting.

The story mode was entertaining and the shooting was fun... the final battle was a let down though as there was no real skill to it and the only way to beet the beast was to run back and forth in a corner running toward the beast over and over shooting... and for some reason it could not injure me much unless I was standing still.

The only reason I played the story mode was to unlock more classic shooting galleries, more treks, and best of all more survival levels.

Even my wife... who hates video games enjoyed the two player side by side shooting sprees as we defended endless wolves, lions, rhinos etc.

Cabela's finally is getting it... let games be games.

If you like to shoot and always dreamed of "duck hunt on steroids' which hundreds of rabid beasts trying to eat you instead of just ducks... then this game is for you.