This game is fun, however the controls ruins the cool concepts in the story mode and limits the overall fun factor.

User Rating: 6.5 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 (Special Edition) WII
This is my first cabela shooting game. The top shot elite works perfectly. There are good moments to be had in this game, but something severely ruined the flow.

It is pretty good for a wii game, but considering the detail put in Resident Evil rail gun shooters you would think they would aim a little higher.

Story mode:
The elements in this mode was interesting. Animals jump at you and you have to hit the heart in order to avoid damage. The heart is highlighted for you while you are in slow motion. Animals will grab you and you have the shoot the animals off you. And the scope of the top shot elite can be used to find tracks.

What kills the coolness of the story is the blasted controls. The developers wanted you to play the game like a first person shooter; however it is really, reeeeeeeeeally hard to do. The controls in the story mode is horrible. Swapping weapons and switching to different sight modes is hard. And once you get surrounded by fast animals it is all over. I couldn't get very far in the story due to these problems. The inability to progress through the story means that you will not be able to play all of the galleries, because you need to progress through the story to unlock a bulk of the shooting galleries.

Why didn't the developers make the story more like the gallery mode? Making the story more like a traditional rail gun shooter wouldn't take anything away from the story, because the story elements could still be added. If you played the Resident Evil rail gun shooters for the wii, then you will see that the elements of the story could still work in true rail gun form.

Gallery mode:
This is probably the mode where you will have the most fun. I know I did. It was fast paced and shooting fun. You can switch between a rifle and a shotgun. Use the shotgun for the birds and the rifle for everything else; because you lose points if you don't. Make sure to kill predators; because those animals will attack you.

You have some nice power ups as well. Some animals have icons over them. To collect the power ups just shoot them with the proper weapon.

Power ups:

Clip: Temporary Unlimited Ammo

2X: Double Points

Hour Glass: Slow down

Plus: First Aid

Radiation Symbol: You can see all of the animals and shoot through walls, rocks, and trees by using a cool bluish vision mode.

There is other modes as well. Classic lets you shoot a mix of predators and prey. Survival puts you up against an infinite number of predators, so try to beat your last score. The other mode is a race against the clock.

Final Thoughts:
The game is fun, but the horrible controls in the story ruins it. Due to poor controls progression through the story mode is extremely tough. Lack of progression leads to less galleries for you to enjoy in gallery mode.

I sure hope someone beats the game and puts their save data on gamefaqs, so others can enjoy all of the fun the gallery mode has to offer. Wow. This is the first time I ever wanted save data from the gamefaqs website.

This game gets a 6.5 out of 10.

Seriously, think about the controls before you put out a game. I know the developers probably wanted to be different, but the horrible control scheme in story mode ruined the reputation of this game. This game would have been awesome if the rail gun shooting format was incorporated into the story.