It's like GTA...but for kids.

User Rating: 9.6 | Bully PS2
It's like Grand Theft Auto...but for kids. It's truly an amazing game. Maybe even about as good as GTA. There is so much to do in this where to start? Ah. The story. Your mom sends you to Bullworth Academy because your a really bad kid. Now you must...pretty much...survive. The gameplay is great. You get a variety of combat skills...punching and kicking combos. There are also weapons, eggs, slingshot, and firecrackers to name a few. As you go through the school you can do missions and get girls and make enemies. Just watch out for the Prefects (there like the police). If you get tired of the small area of the could always just walk out of the school yards and into town. In can get missions, supplies, bikes, and other stuff there. As well as races and fun places. Like the carnival. You can play games and win stuff there.

So what else? Its an amazing game. And if you like GTA, you are gonna LOVE this game. All I did was rent this game and I'm hooked. GOnna buy it soon.