If you love metal this game is perfect for you, If you love Beyonce-Taylor Swift-Jonas Bros, you need to play th

User Rating: 9.5 | Brutal Legend X360
It seemed for some time that this game would be delayed endlessly, but it is finally here.

And it is just great. Instant classic for sure. I demand a sequel.

But there is more to this game than a truly outstanding soundtrack, though the soundtrack is just amazing, your dads will be very impressed, that is if you have an awesome heavy metal drug free dad.

Then again, if you have never heard of Cradle of Filth, you can still thoroughly enjoy this game by turning the volume down a tad from 11 to 10.

The game also has humor. You may already know that the cast of this game is a lot of famous actors, comedians, and some talented guitar players you youngsters may not know like Lita Ford, she plays a character named Lita Halford, she's a real musician. They also have the "King of Reality" (only true sabbath fans may get this...) Ozzy Osbourne playing himself.

But who cares about that.

The game is actually very fun to play.

It starts out with our hero Eddie Riggs working as a roadie, a career and lifestyle to which he is more than committed, and follows him to a world that looks a lot like some of my favorite heavy metal album covers and that classic animated movie also called Heavy Metal, look it up.

I played this game nonstop for many hours one evening and later dreamed that I was in that world. One of the coolest I've ever had.

The game has a main quest line that you can follow, but there are also side quests that include hunting, ambushes, artillery, and some very challenging and fun racing missions against a greasemonkey demon.

All the elements and dialog of the game refer to a very philosophical metaphor that I will not go into detail here, but those of you who watch the Grammies and scratch your heads wondering "who the hell are these people?!" will find very interesting.

At least that's my take on it. Others may simply think that some headbangers were imprisoned by some greedy concert promoters
until Eddie frees their minds with the true power of metal, not before completing an epic adventure you may actually want to repeat.

Yes, this game is one of those games you want to keep and play again. I did.

There are also lots of collectibles that enhance your powers and come in very handy when playing the campaign and also multiplayer.

So yes, this game has multiplayer. It's fun and people play it.

In the main quest you will learn how to do a special type of RTS type of battle called "Stage Battles" that are more or less similar to your Command and Conquer type RTS skirmishes where you harvest a resource, build units, command units, sabotage the enemy, destroy the enemy, win the battle. Except it's all about fans, and actual stages with light shows, dry ice, speakers, etc.

As you fly above the action, yes Eddie flies, and command your units, you are also able to jump right into the mix and brawl or play special solos with your demonic guitar Clementine to aid your units in battle or hinder the enemy.

In multiplayer mode you can play as any one of three factions.

I won't spoil the story for you, but I will say that there are very funny moments and there is a lot of funny dialog, you can walk up to most characters and they will say something funny.

I can't think of anything negative to say about this game. Many thanks to the talented people that gave it to us.