If I wanted mindless XBOX games I would have bought an XBOX

Rather large disappointment if you ask me. They've successfully taken a game that had very indepth pre-mission planning and all the tactics it HAD, and they've evolved it into nothing more than a first person shooter with fancy graphics and physics (for those of us who bought into that hype) It does look good. And I have the best of the best hardware...no problems. My biggest problem is they've pretty much taken away the team management aspect and they gave you a space bar to order your monkey's around as if they were commandos...they do a hell of a lot better job than the idiots you had with you in Advanced Warfighter, but still....I've seen this advertised as a game with great AI....the AI is quite frankly, STUPID. I mean, if you were staked out somewhere with your terrorist buddy and suddenly a shot in the night and your buddy's brain end up on your vest.....would you search for a minute and then go back to stakeout with an out loud comment like "guess it was nothin'.....you want good AI, Splinter Cell and FEAR are a couple that blow this game away Throughout the game you will hear the same damn voice tracks as well so the random conversations that unsuspecting enemies have turn out to be the same quite often. How much work could it have taken to lay in some more vocal tracks....random ones at that ..... All in all I give this game a big BOOO.....disappointing, this company never gets everything right....if the game rocks, the interface sucks, if the interface rocks there will be gameplay bugs....hell I couldn't even get the damn game to start for a minute there because they frickin use Securom which hates my ipod video conversion software and refuses to run my game until I oust the software...and they wonder why everyone hates securom.

One last warning, if you are expecting a nice long game to get involved in...this ain't it. I beat the same day I bought it and I am not that much of a hardcore....SC: Double Agent went too fast as well but that one took me a week so there you go, I'm not one of those people who likes to bust through the games....

Bottom line: this game took away valuable time that I could have been using in a better way., like playing the entire Double Agent game again.