Great pick up and play software that provides simple fun and brain exercise.

User Rating: 8.1 | Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! DS
One of the only knock on this game is voice recognition. I never knew we were all saying the word blue wrong. Well relax, it isn't you or me, it is the actual software itself.
I've had plenty of hands on with this game and it holds up quite well. They do a good job of giving you new things to do at first, and when multiple users are using the same card it really adds to the depth of the game. It gave the game some challenge and something to keep coming back for knowing your roommate has just a slightly younger brain than yourself. Also, in the value department an ample amount of sudoku puzzles were provided.
The game controls quite well with voice recognition being the only problem for myself and others. The stylus worked really well with this game as well as holding the game in tablet form. You know the stylus was working well when it picked up my sloppy writing and registered it correctly almost %100 of the time.
In terms of visuals, there isn't much there, but that was to be expected. Could they have spruced it up a little? Maybe, but the game was aimed at crosswording adults that usually want to get straight to the point and this is a training software. It isn't an excuse, because at times I felt like I was playing a game, and that is a feat in itself.
So I liked the game but technically it was weak. Take the review as you will, and please don't just judge it based on the score.