Worth the Purchase! This is an excellent game and I don't really like games of this type!

User Rating: 8.5 | Braid X360
First off, the game looks absolutely gorgeous. It looks like Van Gogh designed a video game. Secondly, the soundtrack is serene and tranquil. It is just as pleasing listening to the game as it is playing it.
Let me just say that I don't like platforming games as a rule. However, the art style and the non-punishing angle of gameplay is a welcome approach that is undeniably enticing. The game plays a lot like Super Mario Bros, in terms of controls and level design. This may sound like a rip-off, but once you encounter the many puzzles that require the manipulation of time, you'll quickly forget any Mario relatedness. Also, the complete freedom to reverse time at any time without any limits, such as number or length of time, encourages you to take chances without fear of death or game penalty of any sort.
The story is adult oriented, abstract, and intriguing. I suggest this game to anyone whether you're looking for a passive pick-up and play or something engrossing. The only reason I didn't give it a higher score is because, well, it is a 2D side-scroller and because it is a little too short.