User Rating: 10 | Black PS2
this is probably the best shooter in have ever played, the sound of the guns are the most realistic i have ever heard. The graphics are very real, almost everything in the world. The game is also on the bad side is very short, but when you play on hard it gets VERY hard. There are many guns to play with, although the A.I is very smart it is very hard to kill them, shoot em once with a shotgun, shoot em twince, shoot em the third time, maybe there dead. The A.I seems to also have a lot of body armour. I would tell you to buy it but i would wait till all the next generation consoles come out then maybe there will be a newer Black. For now i would say rent it.Game-play makes this game one to recommend despite its shortcomings - the action feels just 'right'. All the mechanics of the movement, aiming and weaponry are smooth and intuitive. Enemy AI, while not great is enough to test the skills of any player, given that they need lots of ammo to take down.
The guns feel great to use, from the smallest of pistols to the overkill of the M16.The graphics are fantastic as well, great to see the PS2 delivering this visual spectacle 6 years after its debut.Thumbs up to Criterion for making a great 'feel' to the FPS experience.In conclusion, I like this game - and this is coming from someone who really dislikes pro-western political propaganda creeping into games.that all i have to say.