This game will not only dissappoint the mature gamers,but will also dissappoint little people.

User Rating: 1 | Bionicle PS2
Alright,whos a bionicle fan? i am.So i go to the mall and checkout ps2 games,then i found this game and im like "hey cool im going to get this". So i bought it,walked home,put the cd in my playstation 2 and then....

WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED?! i beat the game less than an hour and i was dissappointed.

Graphics:The graphics looked too "old school" for current gen consoles.

GamePlay:The Gameplay is seriously bad.ITs so bad that it feels like ur playing tag instead of a ps2 game.

Sound:The sound didnt really match the bionicle theme and the voice actors too.It just gave me a headache.

Value:dont but it,u'll get sick of this game the moment u first play it.

Why i got this game u ask? 1:because i am a bionicle fan and i thought the game would be fun. 2:because i really wanted a bionicle game. 3:because it was a present for my lil bro.