Excessive repetition...fans will probably like it, stay away if not.

User Rating: 5 | Ben 10: Omniverse WIIU
I bought this game for my son who likes Ben10 on the TV. This game is basically the same thing over and over until it ends. End of level baddies keep attacking you even when you are attacking them, some small puzzles to solve but they are very simple. Is just another game made because of a popular TV cartoon that has no originality or anything interesting about it. My son likes it because he likes Ben10, its definitely one for the fans!

Co-op play is available but there is really not that much to actually do together, its primarily just fighting.

The controls are easy enough but loading the omnitrix is a pain as you have to load one, back out, then go back in again and so on, until you have the four you want loaded in there.

Pro's - It does look good on the big screen with very vibrant colours.

Con's - Boring, un-challenging, repetitive, no replay factor, co-op gets boring quick.