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User Rating: 7 | Battlefield 4 XONE

Battlefield 4, is the latest installment in the contemporary military shooter made by Dice (Battlefield 3, Bad company) and published by EA, the game features an action driven campaign and a class based multiplayer, being the highlights, the huge battles (64 players) and the Frostbite engine, which makes the game look great and the destruction seem unlimited the game has all you can expect from a modern FPS, customizable classes (weapons, sidearm, accesories), persistent ranks which unlock new items for your soldier, a wide array of earth-sea-air vehicles.

The game was released with a lot of bugs and problems, from campaign files erased, to not being able to join MP matches, and this is a big detriment, when the weight of bugs, kill the desire to play a game, and I know that Dice will patch most of the issues at some point, but it has killed, the experience "out of the box", the campaign looks and sounds amazing, but it lacks spirit and something to keep you playing, you don't even get to care enough about the characters and the conflict they are in, and that's kind of sad since the game plays and looks wonderful.

The multiplayer on the other hand, is one hell of a show and has some of the most spectacular battles I have ever seen, that is at least on conquest mode ( a mix of deathmatch and territories, where each flag becomes a respawn area for your team and 2 teams of 32 players each), other modes include assault (attack and defense), deathmatch, capture the flag, etc. but this modes don't really feel right with the way Battlefield 4 is structured, but at least it has options, the levolution feature, is impressive to look and play, as it changes in dramatic fashion the way a map is played, and really gives a sense of something bigger happening around you.

The maps are alright but nothing really special for the series, weapons and vehicles handle as well as they usually do, but there is still a bit room for improvement, in order to make them feel more appealing to use them. In closign comments, Battlefield 4 is a good game (aside from the game breaking bugs) and while it plays great, it lacks the charisma to keep you coming for more and wishing to play more Battlefield.

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