MapleStory is one of my favorite games and I have been playing it for years...

I've always enjoyed playing MapleStory and the friends that it has brought me. It's fun and enjoyable to play with others, and I especially love meeting new people and making some nice friends. The game by itself is creative and imaginative, with new goals for the players every time a new level is reached. The game is endless, as there is no true end to the quests and bosses, and the childish characters and monsters give the idea that MapleStory is a game for all ages. The "graphic" violence is quite enjoyable, there is nothing that would cause the player's heart beat to rise in MapleStory, making it relaxing. I usually play it for stress relief as well, as school leaves me quite wiped out. MapleStory is a well made game providing fun for all ages, and an endless variety of characters that can be made personal. There are few hackers nowadays and many friends to be made in MapleStory! I'd recommend it to anybody who enjoys MMORPGs.