Great to play game!

If you like shooting, bloody, killing games, then "Gears of War" is your type of game. "Gears of War" is full of fun things. It has great Multiplayer mode on and offline. Story mode in this game even ROCKS! Great weapons to chose from too. There are a lot of great glitchs too! One example is the "Chainsaw Glitches". I won't tell you what it dose so I guess you will have to play it to find out! (They may have taken out the glitches) Online you can chose from a lot of places to play, people to use, weapons, and missions.You can chose to be one teams too. Here a tip I learned: NEVER GO OUT IN THE OPEN IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN HAVING A HEAD, BECUSE IF YOU DO GO OUT IN THE OPEN A SNIPER WILL BLAST YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the people that have never ever played this game before and they love shooting games. . . . . Play Gears of War! It will rock your socks off.