XEd map editor confirmed for Ground Control II

Massive Entertainment confirms that Ground Control II will ship with the same map editor it used to create maps and missions in the game.

Massive Entertainment recently confirmed that Ground Control II: Operation Exodus will ship with the same XEd map editor tool that it used to create the game's maps and missions. XEd has a full 3D view and real-time editing so that users can see their creations coming to life as they work, and it boasts a number of other useful features, including an automatic fractal terrain generator, automatic splat map texturing, and an intuitive gamescript editor.

"We are sure that XEd will have a long-lasting impact on the fan base of Ground Control II and are extremely excited about seeing what our creative fans will be able to accomplish," said Mattias "Peen" Paulsson, creator of the XEd editor. "We are seeing XEd as an integral part of our game and will hold regular contests for map creation as well as support modding as much as we can. We want the gamers to be able to create their own Ground Control universe, and our intuitive interface will make it less of a challenge to accomplish this and more fun to build maps and missions. We want them to be able to focus on the creative part and not struggle with the editor's design. I am eager to see what they will come up with."

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus is currently scheduled for release on June 22. For more information on the XEd editor, check out this forum thread on the Massive Entertainment Web site.

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