WWF Royal Rumble First Impressions

More than four wrestlers onscreen at once? Yes, it's true - THQ's upcoming WWF game for the Dreamcast may be the most accurate Royal Rumble game to date.

Not much is known about THQ's upcoming WWF-licensed wrestling game for the Dreamcast. But from the screenshots that THQ has released so far, WWF Royal Rumble looks pretty cool. Most games that try to simulate the WWF's "30 men, one ring" extravaganza peter out by only allowing four wrestlers in the ring at once. While we seriously doubt that the Dreamcast will be able to handle 30 wrestlers in the ring at once, the screenshots show six wrestlers on the screen. This opens up all sorts of cool possibilities, such as three-on-three matches, triple-team moves, and more.

Will THQ capitalize on all these possibilities? Let's hope so. No release date has been announced, but it's a safe bet that we'll see it on shelves sometime this year.

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