Wii U sales reach 6.17 million, as Nintendo reveals best-selling games to date

New Super Mario Bros. U for Wii U and Pokemon X/Y for 3DS lead the way; check out the full list of best-selling games here.

As part of its latest financial report today, Nintendo provided updated sales figures for its various hardware and software offerings. Super Mario 3D World (3.09 million) led the way for non-bundled Wii U games, while Pokemon X/Y was the top-seller for 3DS with a combined 12.26 million units sold.

On the hardware side, the Wii U has now shifted 6.17 million units to date, 17 months after release. By comparison, Sony's PlayStation 4 has sold more than 7 million units to date, fewer than six months after the platform originally went on sale last year.

Looking ahead, Nintendo says it expects to sell 3.6 million Wii Us for its financial year ending March 31, 2015. Below is a roundup of all the new life-to-date sales figures Nintendo announced today for its systems and games. Any surprises?


  • Wii U - 6.17 million
  • 3DS family (including 2DS) - 43.33 million


  • Total Wii U software sold to date: 32.28 million.
  • Total 3DS software sold to date: 162.92 million.

Best-selling Wii U games:

*Includes downloadable and bundled sales.

Best-selling 3DS games:

*Includes downloadable and bundled sales.

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