Weird War site opens

Techland launches an official Web site dedicated to its upcoming World War II-inspired role-playing game.


Techland has today launched an official Web site dedicated to its recently announced World War II role-playing game, Weird War. The site contains news updates from the development team, gameplay information, and galleries of screenshots and concept art. A downloads area is also evident, although it can't be accessed at this time.

Weird War, which is currently in development at Mirage Interactive, is a humorous isometric role-playing game inspired by World War II. The game will take place in around 150 different locations throughout Africa and Europe and will feature more than 75 quests for players to complete as they progress through the game. Customizable player characters will have access to an arsenal of more than 50 different weapons to use against the game's 40 different types of enemy and will also have the ability to learn around 50 unique skills according to their class and specialization.

Weird War is currently scheduled for release toward the end of this year. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.