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GameSpot E3: Your Gateway to Gaming
The Electronic Entertainment Expo is days away, and before you know it, GameSpot will be filled with a plethora of E3 opulence. If you just can't wait to experience some of the goodies at E3, e3.gamespot.com has what you need until the event kicks off. Here you can find everything from rumors about things like Sony's new portable device and Harmonix's new game (Here's a hint: It's not Rockband 4). You can also fine the top 10 most followed games of E3 for 2011, countdown timers to press conferences, and so much more.

GameSpot E3 Discussion Forum
If you want to gab in the community about all things E3, we have just the place for you to go. The E3 2011 Discussion Forum has dozens of conversations to take part in, as well as access to our Best of, How to, Press Conferences, and Live Show coverage. We also have some awesome E3-themed wallpapers handcrafted by some of our super talented GameSpotters. Click here to check it out!

Infamous Photo Capture Contest Winner!
Last week, Jody became infamous when a picture was spread across the site of her with the Infamous 2 amp weapon. Poor Max is still recovering (he suffered a nasty paper cut, truly a tragedy). We wanted to know what GameSpotters thought was going through their minds, and we're here to tell you that it was a tough call, but we made it. MrGFaceless and his entry "He said he wanted more of a "spark" in our relationship!" Congratulations, you're the proud owner of the Infamous 2 amp weapon! But as we mentioned, it was a tough call, so here are some of the runner-up submissions.

"A shocking twist in the Sports-section" - mjulstein

"This is the last time that you hog the Cartoon Section of the paper." - KingCrow02

"Aliens from planet Zargon have been sent to infiltrate planet Earth, disguised as women, to blend in with its inhabitants and dispose of them silently, one by one." - 3nany

What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar Winners
We extend a big congratulation to the "What would you do for a Klondike Bar at E3" winners! Here were the entries that were selected by the good people at Klondike.

"I would dress like a booth babe (not a pretty sight) and flirt with game executives for a Klondike bar at E3." - B. St.Charles

"I would do anything for a Klondike bar. I would probably chug a whole cup of ketchup. - R. Reseda

These brave individuals will be performing their acts live on stage to be forever imprinted on the Internet. If you miss the event, don't worry. We will be posting the footage on our GameSpot Spotlight YouTube channel as soon as we get our ice-cream-covered fingers on it.

Staying in Sync
With Jody being in Los Angeles, some of you may be wondering "What about Sync?" Well, rest assured we will still be having daily episodes of Sync, though the location is different. As far as posting times, the episodes will turn into "wrap-ups" for each of the day's events, with a summary of the news from that day's E3. However, there will not be an episode on Friday June 10, but Jody will be ready to sync back up with everyone the following Monday.

Member Spotlight

This week's member spotlight goes to Darthkaiser for his 10 Tips you should NOT follow in order to make E3 more enjoyable.

Featured User Video

This week's featured video goes to Bioshockraptor for his latest video blog.

Blog Bunker

-tofu-lion91 Goes to a Video Game Themed Dress Party, Ooh la, la!
-Maluigi Wants to know about the Most Disappointing Game You've EVER played…
-nocoolnamejim Discusses Witcher 2 and some early thoughts.
-Cloud_765 Offers his Top 100 Video Games - The Top 30 - PHASE ONE.
-LiK Shares GAMES! So many games…
-bugbag Discusses Most Anticipated: E3 2011.
-Garrison_Ford Gets pumped about E3 for 2011.
-verbtex Shows us a System Wars Survival Guide.
-Rottenwood Lets us know about the 100 games he wants.
--gdw0908Talks about the finer points of Dead Space 2.
-Setho10 Discusses PlayStation Vita
--Aberinkulas Reminisces about the hard choice between a DS and a 3DS.
-GeekyDad Enjoys the life of a samurai.
-TristanH12 Has completed his fifth Game of the Year: L.A. Noir.
-Goyoshi12 Shares the mystery game to his three-part Game Diary. *SPOILER*
-eiji1Talks about The Witcher 2: Battling for the Ballista.
--kfjl" Discusses L.A. Noire, travel, and jawbreaking.
-asian_pride69:Shares Birthdays, E3, and a so called "Pile of Shame."

Staff Fingertips

- Takeshi Hiraoka Takeshi shows us what actors from the upcoming Phoenix Write movie will look like.
-Giancarlo: Giancarlo doesn't have to buy a new PC until Old Republic comes out; find out why.
-Sophia Sophia continues with more humiliating things she puts on Bailey's Head.
-Maxwell Maxwell shares an open letter to the people who also ride the bus.

User Reviews

-Freedom Force Gelugon_baat
-Portal 2 Goyoshi12
-Dead Space 2 gdw0908
-Mortal Kombat smbius
-Cursed Mountain akhorahill
-ModNation Racers kbaily
-L.A. Noire TristanH12
-Uncharted: Drake's Fortune AK_the_Twilight
Xbox 360
-Call of Duty: Black Ops msudude211
-GoldenEye 007 YearoftheSnake5
-Sonic Colors ZanarkandTidus
-Sonic and the Secret Rings gamefreak197
-Pokemon Black Version asian_pride69
-Pokemon White Version kerk12
-Okamiden Pierst179
-Final Fantasy X c_rake
-Silent Hill Azghouls

Tip of the Week

This week, we're talking about five tips and tricks to help you better navigate GameSpot during E3 with this instructional video located on our "How to E3" page. The video includes information about games, chat rooms, achievements, Twitter, and our spiffy new video player.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Email news@gamespot.com

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Synthia Weires

Community Producer for GameSpot. Fan of all things gaming, social butterfly, a lover of bacon, MTG, D20's and pie.

There should be a new community blog - Jody, Synthia, anyone :)


Congrats to Kaiser and everyone else mentioned!


Thanks Synthia. And thanks to everyone there at GameSpot. And yes I have, & will continue to watch GameSpots coverage of E3.

DigitalDame moderator moderatorstaff

@MrGFaceless: Nope nothing for you to do except sit back (maybe watch our stunning E3 coverage) and wait for your prize to come in the mail. We should be sending it out sometime AFTER E3. And again, Congrats!


congrast to the winners - good video - was wondering about the emblems :)


Oh, holy! Wow, I won. I never got an email, is there something I have to do to claim the prize? It's nerdy I know, but I can't even begin to tell you how much I've been wanting to win this. Wow again, thank you GameSpot!

Darthkaiser moderator moderator

Whoa I won the spotlight :o Nice! can't believe I found out two days later :P Thanks Synthia!


Awsome to see bugbag up there! He's awesome! ;) Congratz to everyone else! :D


congrats to everyone

riou7 moderator moderator

Congratulations to Darthkaiser. It's a well done blog mate :) Congrats as well to those mentioned. I can't wait for E3, Wohoo!


Wow! I can't believe I was mentioned.:P This made my day to be honest. Thanks Synthia and congrats to everyone else.:)

Pierst179 moderator

Thanks for the mention once again! :)


congrats to dark! I better start writing about games not my personalty life :lol:


Woo my blog and review were featured. Thanks Synthia! :) Also so excited for E3. Can't wait!


Oh yeah. E3 all the way ahead :P. Thanks for mentioning my review in the blog Synthia :D.


Son of a gun! :o My review and blog got mentioned! :D Thanks Synthia! I feel so honored right now. :oops: