Unreal Tournament

Epic Games' Unreal Tournament is coming to the PlayStation 2. But can it really stand up to the PC version? Find out inside.

The version of Unreal Tournament for the PlayStation 2 being shown on the floor here at E3 looks pretty impressive. Sure, the frame rate isn't quite up to par with the original version, and the resolution isn't quite as high, but the levels and character models look identical to their PC counterparts.

The control is a little sketchy, but then, that's the case with most console-based first-person shooters. The left analog pad is used to move in all directions, while the right pad is used to look around. The top shoulder buttons are used for firing, jumping, and ducking. The buttons on the pad are used to change weapons and toggle the scoreboard and walking speed.

The PS2 was hooked via USB to other PS2's in the area, allowing for networked play. The game played smoothly with this connection, and overall, the game was very solid.

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Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament

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